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Sr. Turpin

Hi! My name is Sarah Turpin, and I am the artist behind all the art shown on the Sr. Turpin websites. I am a young adult in school. 

Due to the migraines, I often find myself unable to read things, so I have to do them differently or at a different time. I often end up doing art to help me pay attention when I cannot look up at the board without the migraine getting worse.

 I have suffered from anxiety, depression, and migraines since my dad passed away in 2019. I use art as a coping mechanism as well as an escape from the world around us. 

 I hope to expand my art and shop as a way to inspire others who struggle especially with mental health conditions.

About My Logo

My logo is made up of a plesiosaurus, and paint such as on a paint pallet. It has my initials, S.R. Turpin, however, this also stands for my dad, Señor Damien Turpin (known to his students as Sr. Turpin), who passed when I was 13. This is why I don’t capitalize the R in my middle name.

Self Portraits