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Mental Health Is Important

This Is Even True For Someone Without Mental Illness

I have included some helpful coping skills and tips below, that I know can be helpful to keeping your mind and body healthy!

A is for Ankylosaurus

Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, it's often a sign of strength to be willing to get help

B is for Brachiosaurus

Try taking a deep breath next time you get overwhelmed

C is for Corythosaur

Cold can cool your body down to help regulate your emotions better.
Ice can also shock your body out of an intense moment

D is for Diplodocus

Doodling can be used to distract your mind and also give you something to do with your hands

E is for Euplocephalus

Eating healthy foods and well as exercising has a positive effect on both your mental and physical health

F is for Fukuiraptor

It is super important to make sure you are feeling ALL your feelings and not shoving any of them all deep inside

G is for Gallimimus

Guided meditation can help you calm down and feel at peace

H is for Hadrosaurus

Drinking water is super important for your body

I is for Iguanadon

Ignoring both your toxic thoughts, and those of others can help you focus on what is important to you and your health

J is for Jingshangnosaurus

Journaling is a healthy way to vent, or let out any of your emotions

K is for Kentrosaurus

Being kind to both yourself and others can help improve your mood and overall outlook on life

L is for Lambeosaurus

Listening to what your body is telling you is a great way to take care of it

M is for Microraptor and Minmi

Being mindful is being aware of your surroundings and can help you find the best way to respond to difficult situations

N is for Nedoseratops and Nipponosaurus

Spending time in nature is a good way to get fresh air, and move around best you can

O is for Ornithomimus

Keeping your thoughts organized through things like mindfulness helps you better function and react to your environment

P is for Parasaurolophus, Pachycephalosaurus, and Pteranadon

Try to talk positive, or at least not negative, to yourself and keep your mindset healthy

Q is for Quetzalcoatlus

Give yourself some time in quiet to process your thoughts and feelings

R is for Rhabdodon

Your body needs sleep to function at any age

S is for Spinosaurus and Stegasaurus

Setting boundaries help keep you safe

T is for Tyrannosaurus Rex

Taking the time to get clean and feel refreshed can be difficult for some, but it's worth it

U is for Unaysaurus

Unplugging or disconnecting from technology and allows you to take a breather

V is for Velociraptor

Validating yourself helps boost your self confidence and improve yourself image

Validating your feelings helps you remember that it is ok to feel things

W is for Wannanosaurus

Working in time for yourself gives you time to focus on self care

X is for Xenotarsosaurus

You can always use extra self love

Y is for Yoga

Yoga helps focus your body and mind

Z is for Zalmoxes

Zen means being at peace and calm